Breaded Hake Medallions Recipe. Irresistible To Everyone!


The fish opportunity comes with these spectacular battered hake medallions recipe! You will see how easy these medallions are prepared using just a few ingredients! Without a doubt, fish in this way is an irresistible meal for the little ones!

Hake is a white fish with a high nutritional value. Because it is a source of vitamins and minerals, and also low in calories, it is included in different types of diets. It also provides omega 3, a very important fatty acid that provides multiple benefits at the cognitive level in children, adults and the elderly.

On this occasion, being the first with hake, I wanted to leave a simple recipe to make. And above all, to make it fun and practical to include fish in the daily diet of the little ones. Since sometimes it costs a lot to be an unattractive food, either because of its color or smell in this case.

Let’s talk about the recipe:

These breaded hake medallions are so simple to make. The ingredients are few and easily accessible in any market. Hake is used minced and to obtain it you can use a food processor or meat grinder.

Fresh or frozen hake?

Fresh, boneless hake is preferably used. Because not only will its flavor be much tastier but it will also keep all its properties intact. Such is the case of its high protein concentration that gives a great advantage in its preparation.

This protein contained in hake, when you work it a little with your hands, it develops and acts like glue. As a result, you get firm and solid medallions that do not fall apart during cooking. Therefore, ingredients for their union will be dispensed with, such as eggs, for example.

Homemade Battered Hake Medallions Recipe

However, you can use frozen hake, which is thawed before mince. But it must be taken into account that, consequently, a hake is obtained with a decrease in its flavor and also in its properties. Also, an increase in the liquid product of the ice during its freezing time.

That is why it may not have the same adhesion power as fresh hake and some ingredient is needed to help bond it. Probably that ingredient should be a solid one that helps absorb that amount of extra liquid. In general, breadcrumbs work perfect, celiacs use gluten-free breadcrumbs.

About medallions:

Being similar to chicken meat in terms of protein and quality, hake tends to dry out if the cooking time is prolonged. For this reason, sometimes during preparation an ingredient is incorporated that helps reduce its dryness during cooking and that its texture be pleasant to the palate.

Different ingredients such as chopped bacon or slices of white bread soaked in beaten egg can be used. Also, there are other options that are often used to give a better flavor to these medallions. For example, mashed potatoes, instant mashed potatoes, grated cheese, grated carrots, etc.

To assemble these medallions you can use a classic hamburger mold. And using plastic food dividers to make handling or storage easier and more practical. Another option is to use a round mold. It can also be done in a traditional way by compacting well with your hands.

The size of the medallions can vary according to the personal taste of each one. A standard size varies between 100-120 g / 0.22-0.26 lb of preparation. In fact, with the amounts given in this recipe, 6 hake medallions of approximately 110 g / 0.26 lb each come out.

About Cooking:

These battered hake medallions can be cooked in different ways, they can be fried, baked or microwaved with a little oil. Anyway, whichever option you choose to cook them, it is recommended that it be at a low medium temperature.

The reason for using a low medium temperature is because as they are thick medallions, it takes time for the heat to reach the center of the medallion. So by cooking in this way, at this temperature, an even cooking is achieved. On the other hand, when cooked at a high temperature, they brown on the outside, remaining raw in the center.

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