White Sauce With Mushrooms Recipe


Today I propose you to make this white sauce with mushrooms that is extraordinary! Ideal for all kinds of dishes! Make the best meats, pasta, fish and much more! A simple and super easy recipe to make!

Due to its composition, this would be a béchamel sauce with mushrooms, but in general tend to confuse it by calling it a white sauce. And while they are similar between them, their ingredients are totally different. While the bechamel is prepared with milk or cream, the white sauce is prepared with broth or water.

The bechamel sauce is actually a mother sauce. Which means that it is a sauce used as a basis for creating derived sauces. Therefore, although there are similarities between them because they originate in a mother sauce, they are distinguished by the differences in the preparation or ingredients used.

Let’s talk about the recipe:

This white sauce with mushroom is very simple and easy to prepare. It is a recipe that does not have great complications regarding its elaboration. The ingredients to be used are few, frequently and easy to find in any market. And being so versatile, they can be replaced according to preference or availability.

About the ingredients:

Although this sauce is made up mostly of milk, similarly it could be replaced by water, broth or non-dairy milk. They are usually a sauce that uses butter, but I preferred to make it with spread/cream cheese. Which makes this sauce lighter, creamier and smooth but not exclusive. That is why, if desired, it can be deleted from the recipe.

The mushrooms used are edible mushrooms called Portobellos. These mushrooms acquire this name due to the point of maturity at which they are harvested or marketed. Generally in the markets is the “Portobello”, which is a large and developed state. And also the so-called “Crimini”, which is the same edible mushroom but younger.

About Cooking:

Cooking is simple, fast and can be done using the same pot or pan for all the preparation. The first thing that is done is to sauté the clean and cut mushrooms. This step is done with butter or olive oil according to preference. Therefore, the other ingredients are added except the cornstarch and water.

Something common is that some lumps originate in this type of sauces, so there are two important things to keep in mind; The first is that cornstarch is always added dissolved in a little water or milk to the general mix. And the second, is constantly stirring the sauce until it breaks to boil. In this way, you not only avoid lumps, but also stick.

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White Sauce With Mushrooms Recipe
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