Hamburger Bun with Whole Wheat Flour and Pumpkin Recipe. Without Mold!


Today I bring you this new proposal for a whole wheat squash burger bun. Just as you read! pumpkin and no mold! A delicious hamburger bun with a pleasant and smooth flavor. A bread without invasive flavor that will make your hamburgers have a special, unique, personal and very elegant touch. Do not miss this recipe!

Burgers in general are a meal that, depending on your personal taste, may or may not have extra ingredients. In fact, it can be consumed in the form of a sandwich with bread or on a plate with its respective garnish. It is a food with great versatility and that is why it fascinates young and old alike.

This is a recipe to get out of the routine and the classic hamburger bun, dedicated to those who love the variety of ingredients and color. Without a doubt, it is an excellent idea to implement those vegetables that cost so much for children to consume, thus transforming a meal that they cannot resist!

This hamburger bun with a sweet touch, caused by the squash, is excellent to combine with pork, lamb or any other ingredient that suits the sweet and sour. For more information on this type of burger, visit the available alternatives by clicking here.

The various extra ingredients do their magic. For example, caramelized onions are a good option and more with this kind of bread. Also, do not forget about the different dressings, as well as the ketchup that combines perfectly. Also, do not forget about the different dressings, as well as the ketchup that combines perfectly.

Let’s talk about the recipe:

The recipe for this magnificent whole wheat pumpkin burger bun recipe is very easy to make. It is a malleable, docile dough and working with it does not involve any effort or complication. The dough is simple to prepare and its rising times are short, it is not a preparation that takes all day to make it.

Despite the speed and simplicity of this recipe, this preparation has an extra step. Which is to prepare the pumpkin puree that is needed. And for this it is very important to choose a pumpkin with a good flavor, and it is cooked in a way that does not absorb a large amount of water. Baking it, for example, is a good choice.

About the shape of the buns:

Pre kneading makes the dough taut and is a bit difficult to work with. Therefore, letting it rest is necessary for it to relax. Once rested, divide the dough into equal parts and make a bun. Place on a baking tray with the closure of the dough facing down of the tray (important so that the buns does not open).

With the amount of ingredients in this recipe, 6 buns of approximately 110 grams each are perfectly obtained (standard burger bun size), a fact to take into account if you want to be more precise. If you want to make larger buns or a larger quantity, you will need to increase the quantities accordingly.

About Cooking:

Before taking the burger buns to the oven, they can be painted with the egg and milk mixture (this time I did not paint them).no los pinté). Also, sprinkle with sesame seeds. Baking takes a few minutes and is recommended not too long to prevent the buns from drying out. As soon as they begin to brown, remove the baking tray from the oven.

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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Burger Buns Recipe
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