Homemade Swiss Roll For Sweet And Salty Rolls

How To Make a Basic Homemade Swiss Roll

Locos Por La Comida proposes you to make this homemade swiss roll recipe to make sweet and salty rolls. Undoubtedly an ideal recipe for parties, meetings and birthdays, using your favorite ingredients for its filling. Likewise, an excellent breakfast, snack and dessert. Enjoy this simple and versatile recipe!

Let’s talk about the recipe:

This homemade swiss roll recipe is simple to make, the ingredients are just a few, frequently used and easy to find at any market. And although it is a recipe that is not too difficult, there are some recommendations to keep in mind during its preparation. One of them is to have a mixer, either standing or handheld, because it is necessary to beat a lot.

Secondly, once the preparation reaches its ideal point of beating (ribbon stage) it is extremely important to integrate the flour with enveloping movements, thus preventing the consistency of the beating from falling. Then try to make soft and delicate movements until the flour is fully integrated.

About the ingredients:

Basically, every swiss roll dough recipe has only 3 ingredients. One of them is flour, to be more exact on this occasion 0000 flour, commonly known in other countries as all-purpose flour or very weak flour. Among the other ingredients are the eggs, which would be ideal if they were at room temperature. And finally, white sugar.

Basic Homemade Swiss Roll Recipe
Locos Por La Comida

On the other hand, there are additional ones depending on what type of swiss roll is going to be made. For example, if you choose to make it sweet, you can add some kind of essence to the dough such as vanilla, orange or lemon zest, among others. Instead, if you want a salty roll, it can be seasoned with pepper, nutmeg, or some other particular favorite seasoning.

About the mold:

The mold size used is 40 × 30 cm. In which a parchment paper is added and butter is spread on it. Generally, a common problem is that the swiss roll dough sticks during baking, since it is a type of preparation that tends to do so. So the use of buttered parchment paper is more than necessary.

The consistency of this preparation is not liquid and will not mold itself to the chosen mold. Then with some kitchen element like the spatula, the preparation is leveled, leaving it as even as possible. Optionally, you can make small and soft hits of the baking sheet against the table to make it settle.

About Cooking:

Lastly, baking will vary depending on the type of oven you have. In general, in domestic ovens it is baked at a medium high temperature that ranges between 200-220 °C. On the other hand, in convector ovens or those that have heat type options, a temperature of 180-200 °C is used, using top and bottom heat for the first few minutes.

It is important that any recipe be adapted to the cooking medium available, since each oven cooks in a particular way. So take these observations as a recommendation and not as something exclusive to base the cooking on your own experience.

What is the ribbon point?

After beating the eggs with sugar at maximum speed, within 10-15 minutes it becomes lighter and thicker. And when you raise the beaters, the mixture that falls does not disappear or disintegrate, it remains on the surface of the rest of the preparation, being able to form a letter or ribbon on it.

Common problems that can arise:

  • The preparation did not reach the ribbon stage correctly (be patient, it takes time, but you can get it)
  • Swiss roll sticks (use parchment paper spread with butter)
  • Obtaining a swiss roll with little homogeneous appearance (sieve the dry ingredients, mix them evenly)
  • Swiss rolls with no flexibility and brittle (overcooked)
  • Dry swiss rolls (add honey for moisture)

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Did You Make This Recipe?
How you went with my recipes? Tag me on Instagram at @locosporlacomida.
Did You Make This Recipe?
How you went with my recipes? Tag me on Instagram at @locosporlacomida.

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