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Breadsticks With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe


This week I suggest you make these exquisite breadsticks with whole wheat flour recipe! A simple recipe, quick to make and that you can flavor according to your preference. Make them at home, easily, with very few ingredients and to your own taste! You will see how easy and how incredible they are in their whole grain version! Cheer you up!

From italian origin, the breadsticks are characterized by being a thin and elongated crusty bread. Which can be made in different flavors such as parsley, oregano, cheese, onion, etc. Their length and shape can vary depending on how they are prepared, and they can be stick or cane shaped. Also its thickness can vary.

Today I leave the two ways to make these whole wheat breadsticks and you can make with this dough, the most spectacular breadsticks you have ever tasted!

Let’s talk about the recipe:

Although this breadsticks with whole wheat flour recipe is simple to make, I leave some useful information that may be interesting when preparing them.

The dough to make these breadsticks is simple, it does not require much effort to make it and it does not require that much time. The ingredients are simple like any bread recipe that is made. Although the flavor may vary depending on the type of seasoning used. The fat used in this recipe is olive oil, although it is totally modifiable.

It is a dough that has a low amount of yeast and is not left to rise for long. This prevents the breadsticks from growing too big, soft, and with a crumb. In addition, this is one of the things to keep in mind when you want to get that crispy characteristic of breadsticks.

Its shape can be a thin cane or a flat and elongated stick. One can choose which way is easiest and simplest to do. Although, depending on what form you decide to give these breadsticks, the way you incorporate the ingredient (s) to give it its flavor will change. As well as its final appearance will depend on it as well.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the finer the dough is stretched or the thinner the dough canes are made, the crisper they will be. Remember to consider that the breadsticks during baking grow a little too.

About Cooking:

In order for all the breadsticks to be the same size, the dough should always be stretched to a length that protrudes from the baking tray. This is done for two reasons, the first so that the baking is uniform and the second that all the breadsticks have a similar size.

Once the dough is shaped into grisin, they are placed on the baking sheet and wait about five minutes. Consequently, the excess dough will be cut off, thus avoiding that size variation due to shrinkage of the dough after kneading.

In each house each oven is different, therefore one must adapt the cooking according to their own experience. Each of my recipes was made in a conventional kitchen, with a gas oven, it does not have options of the desired type of heat (from above, below or both). It is not an industrial oven either.

I cooked these breadsticks in a preheated oven at a medium temperature between 200-220 degrees / 392-428 Fahrenheit. The way of baking also influences its final texture. Therefore, it should not be at a very low or very high temperature. In this way, crispy breadsticks are obtained, not soft nor too toasted.

Breadsticks With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe

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Breadsticks With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe

Breadsticks With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe

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  • Whole wheat flour 500 g / 17,64 oz / 4 ¼ cups
  • Levadura instantánea seca 3 g / 0.11 oz - Levadura fresca 15 g / 0.53 oz
  • Water 350 ml / 12,35 oz / 2,33 cups
  • Olive oil 80 ml / 5 ¼ tbsp
  • Whole cane sugar 25 g / 0.88 oz / 1 ¼ tbsp
  • Salt 8 g / 0.28 oz / 1 ½ tsp
  • Malt extract (optional) 1 tsp
  • Optional: grated cheese, oregano, parsley, paprika, various seeds, etc.


  1. In a bowl place the whole wheat flour, salt, yeast and whole cane sugar.
  2. Add the malt extract. Add the water little by little and finally the olive oil. Knead until you get a soft and smooth dough. Make the dough into a bun, cover so it does not dry out and leave it to rise for 20 minutes.

Strips Breadsticks:

  1. Stretch the dough into a thin, rectangular shape (approximately 3 mm / 0.11 in thick).
  2. Brush the dough with water, place the chosen species and crush with your hand so they adhere to the dough.
  3. Cut strips of dough 1 cm / 0.39 in wide.
  4. Place the dough strips on a baking tray previously sprayed with vegetable spray, oiled or parchment paper.
  5. Cut off the excess dough.
  6. Bake at medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Cane breadsticks:

  1. Flatten the dough with the hand. Place the chosen species. Knead until integrated.
  2. Make a roll with the dough. Cut portions.
  3. Form long, thin dough rolls. Place on a baking tray previously sprayed with vegetable spray, oiled or parchment paper.
  4. Bake at medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.


  • White sugar can be used.
  • Store in an airtight container.
  • Other types of cooking oils can be used. Its flavor may change accordingly.
  • Serve with different sauces or dips.
  • It is always advisable to dissolve the yeast before incorporating. To do this, use part of the liquid indicated in the recipe.
  • Whole wheat flours depending on their brand can absorb more or less amount of liquid. Be sure to incorporate liquids gradually.
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