Homemade Banana Flan Recipe. Without Condensed Milk! !


Take advantage of that ripe fruit you have at home and prepare a delicious homemade banana flan for dessert or that moment when you crave something sweet in the fridge.

Bananas are a source of minerals and fibers that provide large amounts of benefits to our body. Famous for its concentration of potassium and low fat content, it is one of the favorite fruits of nutritionists when it comes to making diets.

Since I started these cooking recipe blogs, one of the things that I set as a goal is to create different versions of typical meals using each ingredient that we have in our kitchen. Whether mature or not. To find a way to take advantage of everything without throwing anything away.

In addition to creating recipes that look appetizing but with that particularity of contributing something to our body. Recipes that help us eat as healthy as possible and that we do not dislike doing so. In addition to the importance of accustoming our children to a wide variety of flavors. Avoiding that they stay closed in the usual typical food since there are thousands of possible combinations to make them different.

The kitchen is a place of infinite creation, you just have to dare to try and experiment. After all, trying is not eating everything, right?

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe …

This recipe is very easy. You can prepare in a blender, food processor or by hand. No extraordinary element is really essential to make this homemade banana flan.

The bananas that I used were very ripe (there is always that lag fruit that nobody wants to eat). If you don’t have ripe bananas but you still want to make this flan, use whatever bananas you have, it’s not a problem. The only thing to keep in mind is that ripe bananas are sweeter and if you use ones that are not, you may have to consider the amount of sugar and increase it.

To prepare this recipe I used my food processor and in just 5 minutes I had my preparation ready to be baked. To cook this flan it can be done in a bain-marie. If you have those pots that are great and you have the accessory for puddings or flans, you can do it without any problem.

Homemade Banana Flan

This time I thought it was really nice to use these molds for individual flans. But you can use the typical flan mold or the mold that you have at home without any problem. As long as they are suitable for use with the chosen cooking method.

Other things that are optional is to bathe the mold with caramelized sugar before adding the preparation. I’m not lying, it looks very, very good. But if you don’t dare to prepare it, what you can do is buy those caramel sauces that are already ready and add them when serving.

If you bathe the mold with caramelized sugar, remember to take off the mold very carefully as soon as it is removed from the oven. If the caramelized sugar gets cold, it will cost a lot to unmold. Don’t worry if this happens because there is always a solution.

If you did it in these aluminum molds as I have, you can heat it for a few minutes directly on the stove at low flame (be very careful to burn yourself, grab the mold with a kitchen cloth as it has great heat conduction power) and remove it quickly . Or a bain-marie in a pot or pan is also another possible option.

To serve these banana flans they can be accompanied by dulce de leche or whipped cream. Or just alone. This depends on the taste of each one.

Do you have any doubt or suggestion? Write me a comment at the end of the post 👇

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Did You Make This Recipe?
How you went with my recipes? Tag me on Instagram at @locosporlacomida.
Did You Make This Recipe?
How you went with my recipes? Tag me on Instagram at @locosporlacomida.

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