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Homemade Spinach Noodles. Fresh and Light


Pasta fans know there’s nothing like homemade pasta, and this is a recipe for homemade spinach noodles that can’t be missed.

Pasta fans know there is nothing like homemade pasta, and this is a recipe for homemade spinach noodles that can’t be missed. Dare to prepare this pasta for yourself. With your own hands. With simple, basic and uncomplicated ingredients to find, in a short time we will have an exquisite homemade pasta to eat as a family.

Homemade Spinach Noodles

The good thing about homemade pasta and what I really like is the versatility it has, from a basic pasta dough to a combined dough. For example, this time, a dough with spinach. It is also positive that cooking is in a few minutes. They are also accompanied according to our imagination, from all kinds of sauces, vegetables or simply sauteed with olive oil and cheese. You can enjoy a totally free pasta of all kinds of preservatives or aggregates, being more nutritious and healthy.

here are many alternatives, being able to create a particular paste according to each taste. A fully modifiable mass. We can make all kinds of noodles, thin or thick, stuffed pasta of all kinds, ravioli or sorrentinos, or any other you prefer.

What you should keep in mind is that pasta dough is quite difficult to stretch, and those that are egg pasta even more. They will wonder if it can be done anyway, and the answer is yes. Once the pasta dough is made, we let it rest for half an hour, and between each stretch with the roller, let the dough rest a few minutes, so it relaxes a bit, which will allow us to stretch it more easily. You have to have enough strength. But if you have a much better machine!

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Homemade Spinach Noodles

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  • Flour 400 g / 14.11 oz / 3,33 cup
  • Raw spinach 150 g / 5.29 oz
  • Eggs 2
  • Olive 20 ml / 1 1/2 tbsp
  • Flour: amount needed to sprinkle pasta


  1. Place the flour, salt, olive oil, raw spinach (previously made pure) in a processor or crown-shaped on the table. We ignite, verify if you need more flour or not, and add depending on it. Do not use too much flour. Keep in mind that when you stretch the dough, you will sprinkle the dough with flour. 
  2. We stretch with a roller or if they have a pasta machine, we start stretching from 0 to 4 or 5. This will be decided according to the thickness of the pasta you want. Sprinkle flour when necessary to prevent the paste from sticking.  
  3. Once the pasta is stretched, if our machine has a noodle accessory, we will use it. If it does not count, do not worry, we cut sections of the pasta so that it is not so complicated, and roll the pasta from the outside in (as if it were a pancake), previously sprinkling with flour if necessary. Once we have the roll, we cut it with a sharp knife of the thickness they want, we stretch the ribbons and place them in fountains with a little flour or place them on hangers or noodle holders so they do not stick.
  4. We place a pot with plenty of water. Once it boils we will place the noodles in batches. Cooking will depend on the thickness of the noodles, the amount of pasta you put in the pot at the same time and whether or not they like al dente. But between 2-5 minutes will be ready.
  5. Serve the pasta with the accompaniment you like.

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