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Brown Rice With Meatballs Recipe. A Delicious And Filling Recipe!


Today I felt like eating a delicious brown rice with meatballs. An easy and simple dish that can be a good lunch or dinner too. Exquisite to prepare with the sauce that you like the most and combine with the ingredients you want.

It’s been a long time since I made the meatballs and I had some mincemeat leftover from homemade burgers I made, so I was wondering what to do with it. Then it occurred to me to prepare a good brown rice full of fiber and protein with some wonderful meatballs to accompany with a tomato sauce.

These meatballs can be prepared with any type of meat you have at home, there is no limit to the imagination. So if you have chicken, pork or any type of meat, modify this recipe to your liking and what you have at that moment in your refrigerator. Do not stay with the desire!

This type of recipe is very grandmother when she cooked, very homemade. It is not seen so much or it is not customary to prepare this type of food. I particularly like to prepare everything that reminds me of my childhood. Those smells when returning from school starving and waiting to find something warm on the table in those cold winter weather.

I hope you like this version, that you are encouraged and that you cook whole wheat food. Because the natural without synthesis or processes will always be better for your body and your organism. That the whole grain recipes does not overwhelm you because it is a matter of a habit to acquire, good Monday!

Let’s talk about the recipe:

This recipe is very simple to make and this time I prepared it with brown rice. Which can be modified, since if you don’t like brown rice very much, you can change it for some whole-grain noodles that you like the most.

I made the meatballs with ground red beef although you can prepare it with the meat of your choice. You can season with spices and other ingredients of your liking. This time I add bell pepper or red pepper, onion, garlic and fresh parsley which I love.

I do not usually add breadcrumbs, flour or cornstarch to the meatballs for their assembly couse I consider that by pressing and compressing well with the hands it is not necessary to add anything extra so that they maintain their shape. Also, I think it takes away flavor and makes them a bit heavy. But if you are used to doing them that way, do them according to your criteria.

One trick to keep the shape of the meatballs so they don’t fall apart is to seal them before incorporating them into the sauce. What is seal? It is cooking for a few minutes in a hot pan just enough to seal their shape and not to fall apart but not too long to cook them completely.

The size of the meatballs can vary according to the criteria of each one or as you are used to. In terms of presentation, it seemed like a good way to make them small, but by tradition is usually makes bigger. Making them in a bigger size gives the possibility of adding something extra like cheese inside for example.

You can prepare the type of sauce you want, I wanted to make it very classic with a homemade tomato sauce. The sauce from the markets usually comes with many tomato skins. A trick to get an exquisite sauce is to buy cans of tomatoes without skin and process them at the moment (believe me, their flavor changes a lot). If it is acidic, it is solved with a little sugar.

If you are used to preparing the sauce with fresh tomatoes but sometimes they do not taste good, a trick to enhance is to buy those cans of concentrated tomato extract that are also available in any market and add to taste 2 or 3 tsp. If you have tomato extract left over, you can freeze the rest without any problem for the next sauce you prepare.

Brown rice tends to take a longer cooking time than white rice. Approximately 30-45 minutes although it is always advisable to read the instructions of each particular brand that you have purchased. In addition, before cooking, you can wash the rice 2 or 3 times to release the excess starch and other possible impurities it contains.

Other things you can do to improve brown rice is once washed, let it soak in clean water for 2 or 3 hours before cooking (you can use that water to cook it). What is this for? This helps it to be digested easier and certain important enzymes to be released, thus increasing its concentration in terms of nutrients.

Brown Rice With Meatballs Recipe

Brown Rice With Meatballs Recipe

Serves: 5 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
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  • Rice:
  • Brown rice 500g / 17.64 oz / 2 ½ cup / 8 handfuls of rice
  • Water c / n
  • Sauce:
  • Tomato sauce 1 l
  • Medium onion 1
  • Red pepper ½
  • Optional: garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, bay leaf, etc.
  • Meatballs:
  • Ground beef 500 g / 17.64 oz
  • Medium onion 1
  • Optional: bell pepper, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, etc.



  1. In a container place the ground meat. Add the onion, bell pepper, garlic and parsley. Season to taste. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Take portions of the preparation and form the meatballs pressing well with your hands.
  3. In a pan with a few drops of oil, seal the meatballs. Reserve.


  1. Cut the onion and bell pepper into cubes. Sauté in a pot with a little oil.
  2. Add the tomato sauce and season to taste.
  3. Once the sauce is boiling add the meatballs. Cook until the sauce thickens.


  1. In a pot, add salted water and cook the brown rice over low heat until soft. Once ready, put the rice with the sauce and the meatballs in a serving bowl.


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