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Apple Pie With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe


There are several ways to make apple pies. Today I wanted to make one of the classic styles of pie or apple pie with whole wheat flour. Ideal for rainy afternoons like this.

I made this recipe thinking of my neighbors, small organic export producers of apples (one of the few that remain and that are going through very difficult times in our country right now), they gave me a box full of super delicious apples! I had no more excuses to prepare this whole wheat pie recipe and take them a piece as a thank you way!

Let’s talk a bit about the recipe: This apple pie with whole wheat flour was made exclusively and purely from apples. If you do not have many at home or you do not like apples completely and you have pears or green apples, for example, it can be combined between fruits. Anyway, it comes out delicious anyway!

This opportunity, I wanted the apples to be seen in slices when cutting the pie. If you are used to cooking apples beforehand or you like them better the other way, there is no problem. Another day I will leave the other style of pie in case you are interested.

The dough is from the shortcrust pastry family, what does it mean? It is a pastry that does not need to be kneaded. As a result you want a dough that breaks, melts in your mouth, that’s why it is called like that. If we knead this dough, the gluten develops, and that gives it elasticity, and in this recipe it is not needed or wanted that to happen.

If at the time of assembling the pie, the issue of the dough strips complicates you too much, you can close the pie completely and make a few cuts with a knife to above the dough. This way the filling can breathe during baking.

As for the mold that I use, it is a pie mold 26 cm in diameter and 4 cm high (it’s the one I had at home). The proportions of the recipe are to make a pie just like the picture. If you do not like high pies, you can use a lower one mold and make 2 pies, or divide the recipe and make only one. The baking time will not be the same, it will be less so you will have to pay attention.

You don’t have to have the great experience to make this sweet whole grain recipe, you don’t even have to knead it, so don’t make any more excuses! The weekend is coming and what better idea than to prepare a pie for the mate or coffee, or give your children something delicious, nutritious and full of fruits!

Apple Pie With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe

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Apple Pie With Whole Wheat Flour Recipe

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  • Pastry:
  • Soft butter 200 g / 7.05 oz / 5 tbsp
  • Whole Cane sugar 180 g / 1 cup / 10 tbsp
  • Whole wheat flour 500 g / 17.63 oz / 4 ¼ cups
  • Eggs M 2
  • Pinch of salt
  • Milk or water 50 cc / ¼ cup / 3 ¼ tbsp
  • Vanilla essence c / n
  • Apples 2 kg / 70.54 oz / 4.40 lb
  • Whole cane sugar 250 g / 8.81 oz / 1 ¼ cup
  • Lemon juice 1
  • Cornstarch 50 g / 1.76 oz / 4 tbsp
  • Cinnamon c / n


  1. For the pastry: in a bowl place the soft butter and sugar. Beat until clear and creamy in consistency (this is called creaming).
  2. Add the eggs and the vanilla essence, beat until united (do not beat too much).
  3. Add a third part of the whole wheat flour and mix with a spoon or spatula. Then add the rest of the whole wheat flour. Mix and unite without kneading. Remember this is shortcrust pastry (a type of soft dough that breaks easily) and if you knead a lot, gluten develops and this will give the dough elasticity and you will not get the good result.
  4. Once the pastry is joined (it does not matter that it does not look completely homogeneous) wrap in a plastic film and store in the refrigerator for at least one hour. If you want you can prepare the pastry the day before.
  5. For the Filling: Peel the apples and cut into sheets. Place in a bowl, add the lemon and mix. Incorporate the sugar, stir. Let stand for 30 minutes at least. Once this time has passed, strain the apples to remove all the juice they released and add the cinnamon and cornstarch. Mix.
  6. Take the dough out of the refrigerator, let it set for a few minutes so it is not so hard to stretch. Sprinkle with a little flour, roll out with a rolling pin and cover with the pastry a 26 x 4 cm pie mold. The edges should stick out of the pie mold, not cut the dough flush.
  7. Place the filling (it is quite a lot, it shrinks a bit during cooking). Roll out the remaining pastry, cut strips of pastry and place them on top of the apples. If you find it difficult, you can cover with the whole dough and make a few cuts to let it breathe. Close the pastry edges with the fingers.
  8. Bake at 180 ° C / 356 ° F for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Let cool well before unmolding.


  • It can be served alone, with cream, dulce de leche or ice cream.
  • White sugar can be used.
  • Can be used butter, margarine or any other type of cooking oil.
  • Milk can be replaced by water or vegetable milk.
  • Consume preferably before 3 days.
  • Can be frozen (3 months).
  • Whole wheat flours depending on their brand can absorb more or less amount of liquid. Be sure to incorporate liquids gradually.
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Recipe fails to mention *when* to add milk or how it is to be used in “pastry” and does not instruct on when to use salt.

Integralisimo -

Hello! You are absolutely right, thank you for noticing my mistake, I will correct it.
Generally, as a rule, the liquids go with the liquids and the solid with the solid.
Thank you very much for the contribution! Happy New Year!


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