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5 Christmas Cookies Ideas decorated with Royal Icing


This Christmas get ready with time! Here I leave you 5 Fabulous Christmas Cookies Decorated With Royal Icing. If you have no practice, it doesn’t matter, make the cookie that seems easier for you.

The children are fascinated with this type of cookies decorated with royal icing and the adults don’t want to eat them because they are so cute that they feel sorry for them 🤣 .

On these festive days, especially at Christmas, which is a time of the year with family spirit and union, fill that table with delicious things, with lots of color and lots of love about all things. May the spirit not be lost and let us strive to transmit to children the values that are already being lost. Since an event as important as Christmas is, they should never be lost.

I hope you like these Christmas Cookies Decorated With Royal Icing l that I just finished making.

With much Love, Peace, and Happiness, Locos por Los Dulces wishes you a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year!


1- Christmas Cane Cookies

This, without a doubt, is the best way to start making cookies decorated with royal icing. For me it is the simplest and easiest cookie to make of all the ones I present today. Do not be discouraged, try as many times as necessary and remember that the practice makes a teacher. So do not be frustrated that sooner or later they will be as great as you want them to be!

I leave the step by step link of these Cookies Christmas Canes Here

2- Gingerbread Cookies.

We climb one more step in difficulty with these beautiful Gingerbread Cookies.

This time I wanted to do something a little more elaborate of the classic gingerbread cookies and put a touch of personality on them. So I made a female and a male version. With gardener suit for Gingerbread boys and Dress for Gingerbread girls. To my liking, these gingerbread cookies are very nice, go ahead and make them! I know you can!

I leave the Link step by step of these Gingerbread Cookies Here

3- Christmas Pine Cookies.

These for my opinion are at the same level of difficulty as the previous ones. But that is just my perspective, you do the one you like and you feel confident to do. They are really cute, and it allows you to use various colors or choose between food coloring that you have at home.

I leave the step by step link of these Christmas Pine Cookies Here

4- Santa Claus Cookies

Here we climb a little more in difficulty level with these Santa Claus cookies. If you have a cookie cutter and this is the first time you make these types of cookies with royal icing, it will undoubtedly be much easier than making a mold and molding the dough with the face of Santa Claus that you will decorate later. For the simple reason that you will already have the drawing guide printed on the cookie. Thing that having to draw the cookies after cooking and you have no practice, you probably feel a little frustrated.

But well, nothing is impossible, with a little patience, perseverance and dedication.

I leave you the step by step link of these Santa Claus Cookies

5- Santa Claus Full Body Cookie

We arrived at the fifth and last version of Christmas cookies decorated with royal icing that I present today.

Well, these are a little more difficult than the previous cookies, which is just the face of Santa Claus. And these are full body. With a little more elaboration. And as I told you in the previous option, it will obviously be easier with a cookie cutter, but if you don’t have it and you cheer up, go ahead!

I leave you step by step link of these Cookies Santa Claus Full Body Here

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Christmas Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

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  • Cookies
  • Royal Icing
  • Food Coloring
  • Brush
  • Non-toxic pencil


  1. Here I leave the link of cookies to decorate with royal icing.
  2. Here I leave the link of royal icing to decorate the cookies.
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